CyberPower OnLine UPS

The Online Series UPS is ideal for servers, networking equipment, workstations and other mission-critical applications which require Pure Sinewave power protection. Featuring Online Double Conversion design and Zero Transfer Time, it can provide consistent and seamless power. With the add-on advantage of Extended Runtime (XL) battery packs, the UPS backup time can be extended to maximize workflow flexibility.


  • Pure Sinewave Output
  • Online (Double Conversion) UPS Topology
  • EMI, RFI, Surge and Lightning Spike Protection
  • Critical Load Outlets
  • Emergency Power Off (EPO) Port
  • Multifunction LCD Readout
  • Extended Runtime (XL) Models
  • Smart Fan Speed Control By Load Level
  • Economy Mode setting
  • Smart Battery Management(SBM)
  • PowerPanel® Business Edition Management Software
  • SNMP/HTTP Remote Management Capability (Optional)
  • Equipment Protection Policy up to 100,000 AUD

Price / Models

  • $1349.00 - True Online UPS Rack/Tower 1000VA (OL1000ERTXL2U)
  • $1999.00 - True Online UPS Rack/Tower 2000VA (OL2000ERTXL2U)
  • $2599.00 - True Online UPS Rack/Tower 3000VA (OL3000ERTXL2U)
  • $4599.00 - True Online UPS Rack/Tower 6000VA (OL6000ERT3UDM)
  • $6999.00 - True Online UPS Rack/Tower 10kVA (OL10000ERT3UDM)
  • $1299.00 - Online Series Battery Pack for OL2000/OL3000 UPS (BPE72V60ART2U)
  • $379.00 - Hot-swappable Bypass Switch for OL2000/3000 UPS (MBP20HVAU3)
  • $229.00 - SNMP Card for OL Series (RMCARD303)
  • $199.00 - Time environmental monitor for OL UPS (ENVIROSENSOR)