Lightning Protection

In our markets, a direct strike from Lightning is a very real occurrence. The damage bill goes into the $Billions each year. With these statistics in mind, we offer two solutions when it comes to Capturing Lightning:

Conventional Systems (ERITECH® System 2000)


Well known technology of passive rods or air terminals, familiar to installers. All of our equipment is available in aluminium, copper or tinned copper. With precision manufacturing, we always ensure easy assembly and installation.

Enhanced Systems (ERITECH® System 3000)

The System 3000 is an advanced lightning protection system based on latest lightning research and technology, and offers an enhanced area of protection, therefore fewer air terminals are needed .

The System 3000 is economical and easy to install.  Being an enhanced system, we are able to protect all types of structures and “open areas” such as golf courses, campuses and stadiums.

The System 3000 features the DYNASPHERE dynamic air terminal which acts as a preferred strike point, a purpose-designed ERICORE downconductor cable to minimize sideflashing, and a Lightning Event Counter to register strikes.

For any of your ERITECH Lightning Protection needs in Queensland, contact your Energy Correction Options office located in Brisbane.