Surge Protection

CRITEC TDSModern industry, commercial premises, and residential properties now rely heavily on electronic componentry.  Whether it is automation to increase productivity, systems to ensure safety and provide economic benefits or your smart wired home, high levels of technology are very common.

However, power circuits are often severely polluted with electrical disturbances from switching of electrical loads, electrical noise and even the occasional induced impulse.

Since the safety and economic consequences of temporary or permanent failure of industrial equipment cannot be tolerated, we recommend that protection devices be installed on critical power circuits.

Our manufacturer ERICO® offers a complete line of surge protection devices that can be coordinated into an effectively staged electrical protection plan.

We offer Power Surge Protection solutions in a coordinated approach where the first stage of defence is the installation of primary protection devices at the mains supply service entrance, followed by secondary protection at distribution branch panels and where necessary, at point-of-use applications.

We also offer multiple series of Data and Signal Surge Protection devices designed to provide transient protection for equipment from induced surges. These are also well-suited to the protection of industrial equipment and are compact in size, while offering high surge carrying capacity. ERICO data and signal surge protection offers a complete solution to eliminate damage, downtime, and power disruption.

For all your ERICO Critec Surge Protection needs in Queensland, contact your Energy Correction Options office in Brisbane.