Product Training

ERICO Seminars

Our ERICO seminars on lightning protection are particularly popular. An ERICO Engineer will generally spend a week in each of our regions visiting electrical consulting engineers to update them on the lightning protection standard and its application. The ERICO engineer also covers the many performance aspects of surge diverters and how they should be specified.

CADWELD Training

This complimentary service, gives the CADWELD user all the tools they need to successfully carry-out a CADWELD Connection. If you can’t come to your nearest Energy Correction Options office, we are happy to come to your premises to do the training.

In around an hour, this practical training covers:

  • Safety equipment required for the CADWELD process
  • Explanation of the CADWELD process
  • CADWELD moulds, tools and weld metal explanation of both Classic and PLUS
  • Demonstration of typical CADWELD connection
  • Identifying a good CADWELD connection – problems and tips
  • Each Student will then complete a CADWELD connection

At the end of the training, each student who has deemed to satisfactorily complete a CADWELD connection and understand the basic principles will be issued a Certificate of Competency.

To find out more or express your interest, please contact Energy Correction Options today.