Technical Presentations and Seminars

If you know of individuals, small office groups or larger audiences interested in technical presentations from international specialists in power systems and lightning protection, please get in touch.

We regularly invite leading engineers from our product manufacturers to tour our Regions and share their knowledge with people in associated fields. These events are widely regarded as excellent sources of information and many of our long-standing clients still refer to them years later.

ERICO seminars

The ERICO seminars on lightning protection are particularly popular. An ERICO engineer frequently visits with Energy Correction Options to electrical consulting engineers to update them on the lightning protection and electrical grounding standards and their application. The ERICO engineer also covers the many performance aspects of surge diverters and how they should be specified. As you would expect, the focus is on ERITECH Systems from ERICO in those applications, however the information can often be applied to other brands as well.

To find out more or express your interest, please contact Energy Correction Options today.